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You'll find me underneath

goodbye four-leaf clover

10 October
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i'm 21, i am old. i love guys that are way older than myself. i work at starbucks. i go to usc, and i hate it. im a pr major, business minor. im on the 4.5 year plan. i love animals. i should've been a vet. i am always single. i am clingy, i hate drama, and my favorite color is baby blue. ive been a vegetarian since i was nine, and i hate how it's a new trend. i hate reading, i like singing, and i suck at playing any instruments. thats about all you need to know.

music I love: hanson. the working title. the used. rufus wainwright. the films. evoka. howie day. owen beverly. will hoge. leslie. keane. will hoge. ingram hill. marc broussard. BUTCH WALKER (<3). eisley. marvelous 3. the moffatts. i cannot think of music right now hmm. graham colton band. kelly clarkson. simon and garfunkel. norah jones. the bedrooms. patrick davis. matt nathanson. coheed and cambria. no doubt. michael trent. michelle branch. the carpenters. patsy cline. limbeck. the beatles. the beach boys. tom petty. blah blah blah...

I hate pop/punk. I hate the "scene." I am ME.